Adam Root

Adam Root
An intelligent, passionate, and articulate tech entrepreneur with an old-school gentleman’s flair, Adam Root is the co-founder and CTO of SocialCompass, a patented SaaS platform that utilizes social listening and marketing automation to help businesses find quality leads on social networks, share offers, and incentivize referrals. Recently, SocialCompass was ranked 60th in Entrepreneur’s “Best of the Net 100.” Adam co-founded SocialCompass in 2008 as an interactive agency called Root & Madison. As a former web developer for Farmers Insurance and the founder of Getawebsite, a website design and development tool, Adam has worked in interactive development for Fortune 500 companies, midsize agencies, and startups. Adam graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a Bachelor of Science in corporate media and is currently finishing a master’s in information technology at Harvard University. Additionally, Adam has advanced certifications from Google, Adobe, W3, and Pragmatic Studio, as well as a social media marketing certification with honors from HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University.

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