Amit Mullerpattan

Amit Mullerpattan

Amit Mullerpattan is the Cofounder and Vice President (Product) of p2w2, which stands for PeopleToWorkWith.

p2w2 helps small businesses outsource services like Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Business Plans, Web Content Writing, Internet(Social Media) Marketing, Internet Research and Report Writing, Primary Research, Project Management, Virtual Assistance, Tele Marketing, Data Entry and Data Collection, Blog Content, Software Development etc.

Before founding p2w2, Amit worked in UST Global, an IT Services company, where he managed a large U.S. based client account and played a key role in improving profitability, client satisfaction and employee engagement. Before that, he worked in Infosys, a technology consulting company, where he managed projects and led design teams.

Amit has an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Leadership from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, a b-school ranked # 15 globally by the Financial Times.

Amit also contributes to the p2w2 blog.

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