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Ana Grasic

Ana Grasic
Ana Grasic graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade with a BA degree in Marketing and Management. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree that will be a good complement to her overall knowledge and experience in marketing. The rising trends in the field of digital marketing lead her to a growth hacking agency, KickAssGrowth where she established herself as an niche professional. Her field of expertise range from SEO and SMM, copywriting and content marketing to more in depth dealing with customer acquisition and retention. Her knowledge in both, marketing and management, helped her to become a regular contributor on several high-quality websites where she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their desired business growth. By testing new tools, trying various tactics and brainstorming strategies, Ana had a big role in her client’s business success. Since Ana and her KickAssGrowth colleagues established themselves as growth hackers with great authority, they founded WeGrowth, a marketplace for professional Marketers and business owners that are looking for their services. Ana’s focus is to find the right growth solution for every small business, no matter the niche. Since WeGrowth is a place that offers growth hacking bundles affordable to every business owner, Ana is determined to make this project very popular worldwide, but helpful as well. In addition, Ana tries to share her knowledge with other growth hackings enthusiasts and teaches the readers of her articles some growth-boosting tricks. Ana is still very young, so she just started achieving her career plans.

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