Andy Nathan

Andy Nathan
Over the past five years, Andy Nathan, Founder of has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners in over 75 different industries develop and maintain an online presence. Working with so many dynamic business professionals got Andy curious about how small business owners succeed. Because of that Andy launched Start Up Gap in 2013 to uncover the stories between dreams and success for entrepreneurs. Interviewing power house entrepreneurs like Joel Comm, Liz Strauss, Jeff Bullas, Yaro Starak, Carol Tice, David Meerman Scott, Kristi Hines, and your very own Anita Campbell, Andy began to learn the secrets of success.

entrepreneurial skills

How Volunteering Sharpens My Entrepreneurial Skills

A recent decision to volunteer to help others -- and the experiences that have come from those efforts -- shows that there's more to life than business but also how those efforts help your business.

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