Anita Murphy

Anita Murphy
Anita Murphy is a multiple business owner and Founder of ProStrategi, where she provides training and coaching to women business owners to strategically scale their companies to the next level and increase personal wealth. Anita is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Klean Works, a janitorial company that assist building owners/property managers provide a clean and healthy facility for their employees and their customers. Her passion is to train, coach, and inspire women business owners to strategically scale their companies to the next level and increase personal wealth. Her focus is to provide strategies for growth through online training, templates, resources and content specifically designed for women business owners in the second stage of their business. In addition, she provides coaching to women business owners interested in putting together a customized strategic plan for growth. She specializes in teaching women business owners and CEOs and their teams how to multiply revenues and expand operations, using a reverse planning model to build a plan that is highly detailed but easy to implement. Anita’s coaching helps her clients solidify their vision, systemize their business so it runs without them, increase productivity among their employees and increase their sales and profits. She founded her first serviced-based company in 2009 and built it from nothing to a $1.3M business in less than 3 years all while single-parenting her special needs child. Blending 8 years of real-life, in-the-trenches business experience with world class training from experts like Dan Kennedy, James Malinchak, Tony Robbins and others, Anita’s coaching and training programs give her clients the practical step-by-step tools, guidance and insight they need to cut back on marginal markets, products and brands, so they will have a better chance of winning in their chosen area of focus and increase their profits. Anita shares with clients that choosing to win in business is a systematic choice. She is known for her passion for entrepreneurship, ability to help other business owners come up with simple and focused business strategies and implementation processes to accelerate lasting transformations. Anita also works with women interested in strategically starting a business for maximum growth.

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