October 22, 2016

Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell

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checklist for negotiating a business deal final

Checklist for Negotiating a Business Deal

Here you'll find a realistic checklist for negotiating a business deal. This 9-point negotiating checklist has been honed specifically for small business.

promotional gifts 2 (1)

8 Ingredients for Awesome Promotional Gifts

Sending out a truly memorable promotional gift needn't break the bank. But just the right touches can leave a lasting positive impression upon others of your brand and yourself as an entrepreneur and overall thoughtful person. What makes a promotional gift stand out from the rest? Check out these things to consider before giving.

flat lay design (1)

Have You Heard of the Flat Lay or Boho Design Trends?

If you haven't heard of the Flat Lay design or the Boho design trend, you should check out the 2016 Creative Trends report from Shutterstock. These visual styles will be especially important for websites, social media, and content marketing in 2016.

IRS email scam

How to Spot an IRS Email Scam Message

It's tax season and it's also time when inboxes everywhere are filled with phishing emails purporting to be from the IRS. Here's what you should do when receiving one.

FTC building

FTC Slaps Down Alleged Office Supply Scam

The FTC took legal action in December against an office supply company of out Texas, two of its principals, and another company. The lawsuit claims Liberty Supply / dba Omni Services, is an example of a small business scam and bilked businesses out of millions of dollars.


How Small Businesses Are Using YouTube to Find Customers

Over 50 percent of YouTube video views occur on mobile devices such as tables and smartphones. That's one way that small businesses using YouTube are finding customers -- and it's how customers are increasingly finding small businesses.

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