Antony Maina

Antony Maina
Antony Maina is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. His beat includes social media, general business reporting and exploring how people relate to technology. Antony is also a successful freelance writer and Founder of Word4Bloggers. For more than 5 years, he has written about business, education, content marketing, social media, travel, technology and more for national, regional and online publications including AAA World, Biz-news, The Huffington Post, and Whatsoniphone among others. He is passionate about cars and tech and any news on these topics easily gets him distracted.

youtube advertising bots

Are YouTube Advertisers Paying for Bots?

European researchers believe they have evidence showing YouTube counts bot views on its videos for ad purposes but not in its public views display. What's the potential impact of this on your advertising campaign on the site?

GoPro Drone

Could a GoPro Drone Be On The Way?

GoPro announced recently that it is close to entering the drone market. The company says the potential drone device might even feature more than one GoPro camera on board.

project aura

Remember Google Glass? A Revival is Being Planned

Google Glass may be getting a new lifeline. Several reports suggest that Google is dusting off its wearable bust as part of the new Project Aura. The company has made several recent new hires who've indicated the smart glasses idea isn't completely cracked.


Fundbox Gets Another $50 Million for Small Business Funding

Fundbox has announced another successful round of fund raising that garnered the company $50 million. To date, the company aimed at providing small businesses with up-front cash based on their outstanding invoices, has raised $108 million.

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