Apple Aviles

Apple Aviles
Apple Aviles is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. Also known as "Pol Aviles" - a gamer, clayist, online content writer and OPM enthusiast - her interests includes print design, books, art, sculpting, DIY, tattoos, music, online games and photography. Learn more about Apple on her blog, PoL Darth Media. Follow her on Ello poLdarth, on Twitter @poldarthawesome and on Facebook at Pol Aviles.

hyper app

New Hyper App Lets You Book Travel Via Chat

The Hyper travel app gives small business the ability to have a travel agent essentially on call at any time they need them. Need to change hotels or book a different flight? Hyper lets you send a text to an agent on the other end who'll handle your details.

bring google fiber

Cities Scramble to Attract Google Fiber

Recognizing what it could do for the city's business climate, leaders in Louisville are making their city as attractive as possible to be the next home for Google Fiber gigabit Internet.