Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz

Barry is a very funny and smart entrepreneur and writer. As his bio says, “Barry J. Moltz has been running small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for 15 years.”

He has even been dubbed the Bill Cosby of entrepreneurship, because of his humor. He can be found at

How to Identify a Bad Sales Lead

How to Identify a Bad Sales Lead

To maximize sales, teams should only call on prospects with a high likelihood of buying. Here's how to identify a bad sales lead before it wastes your time.

This May Explain Your Customer Retention Problem

The success of your business depends upon two simple things. Being able to acquire new customers and being able to retain existing ones. Without doing both these things, your company is in for a bumpy ride. Fortunately these steps should help you do better at both.

How to React to a Donald Trump at Your Business

Donald Trump likes to talk tough. And that kind of abrupt personality can have a big impact on the performance of others. So, how do you deal with a Donald Trump-like person at your business?

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