Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes
Brian is a seasoned digital marketing expert who loves to write about subjects that help small businesses grow their brands and increase their rankings online. He accomplishes this through his agency Integrity Marketing & Consulting, which he founded in 2011. Brian cares about people and businesses, and tries to show it through his writing by producing both generous and accurate content. He stays abreast of industry trends and news, making it easy for him to stay relevant. When Brian’s not spending time helping clients conquer their niche online - you can find him hanging out with his 3 kids. He also enjoys meeting new people and welcomes you to engage with him on social media.

startup office setup

What is the Optimal Startup Office Setup?

As a startup company, you may be inclined to outfit your office space with everything to make your team feel comfortable and more productive. Be careful though, some of that perceived extravagance could be money better spent elsewhere.

Is Thought Leadership a Waste of Money?

Is Thought Leadership a Waste of Money?

If you're an entrepreneur looking to share your expertise with the rest of the world as a thought leader, it's difficult to have your voice stand out among the crowd. Here are 3 solid tips to improving your position as a thought leader in your field.

Crowdsource Your Logo

Should You Crowdsource Your Logo Design?

Thinking of creating your company's logo but a little overwhelmed by the thought of it not being good enough? This may be a job for crowdsourcing. Lots of designers are ready now to craft your company's logo and keep you on budget in the process.

business bleeding money

Is Your Business Bleeding Money? Here’s How to Stop It

There's no sense in taking on new projects to expand your business if simply managing those projects causes your business to hemorrhage money. There are plenty of platforms that could help you manage projects. Here's a guide to picking the best one.

deal with best buy

SEO Landed This Small Business a Deal with Best Buy

A husband-and-wife team used their extensive knowledge of SEO to get their niche small business noticed by some bigger companies. Now, they have a nationwide contract to sell their accessory products at Best Buy stores.

webinar mistakes

6 Webinar Mistakes Along with Actionable Solutions

Webinars can be a powerful marketing tool and an important way of keeping in touch with leads. If you don't avail yourself of this tool in your business, it's something to consider. Here are six webinar mistakes that could derail your efforts, along with solutions to resolve them.

coca-cola marketing

Coca-Cola: Marketing Done Right

Small businesses can learn a lot about marketing by watching how the big companies do it right. And Coca-Cola has been nailing marketing since the 19th Century. Here's a look at how they've done it.

taboo product

Taboo Topic? Communicate Through Infographics

What happens when the product or service you're marketing is an item not easily discussed in some circles? Imagine your job is to market something people are uncomfortable talking about -- like STD tests or adult diapers, for example. Here's an approach to consider.

time tracking app

How to Select the Right Time Tracking App for Your Business

There are lots of dirty jobs to tackle when running a small business. Usually they're the tedious tasks that seemingly take the most time to complete. Tracking employee time is one such task but there are tools available to small businesses to automate much of this process.

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