Chaitra Vedullapalli

Chaitra Vedullapalli
Chaitra Vedullapalli is currently the CMO of Meylah, turnkey native marketplace platform. Chaitra is a co-architect of Ignite Washington, a city by city digital readiness initiative to foster local economic development. Chaitra has a proven track record of enabling global transformations, architecting innovative business models and leading communities with excellence. She is recognized as Top 100 Small business influencer and holds a patent in Web Methods. She was a Senior Director of WW Sales and Marketing Communications, where she led social enterprise implementations and shaped Microsoft Customer and Partner Self Service Experience, which impacted over 10M Customers and 1M Partners. Chaitra has also served as Director of Licensing and PartnerNetwork at Oracle where her projects drove licensing simplification and enabled state of the art innovations in the Partner Self Service Experience. Chaitra holds a patent in WebMethods and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore. Chaitra is known for her thought leadership and contributed to TED events to disseminate and share innovative ideas. Chaitra has presented at numerous events such as” The Future of Marketing – Personalization Revolution’ and “Localization World” and IPQC- Channel Partnering. She has also published “PARTNER Tweet” – 140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Succeeding in Your Partnerships, now available on Amazon. Chaitra actively coaches youth, represents Sammamish YMCA board and supports Creative Children for Charity initiative.

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