Charles Franklin

Charles Franklin
Charles Franklin is a Book Reviewer for Small Business Trends. He has a background as a professional reviewer, and is also a content provider and customer relations professional. Charles loves books! Books have helped him from the age of 5 all the way to now. He has used books to escape, to build new careers, to deepen his faith, to laugh, and to get healthy. In addition to that, Charles worked for 5 years in libraries and stalked libraries for more years than he can count. On top of that, books actually are his job now. When he moved to the Atlanta area, he started freelancing and was offered a small book marketing gig that turned into a 3-year freelancing career. He was already a supporter of indie authors and this allowed him to delve even further into the whole eBook and publishing industry. In short, Charles love books. He's surrounded by books, so it was only natural that he review them. Officially, he is a professional copywriter, content provider, and customer relations professional dedicated to providing inexpensive and effective solutions that bridge the connection between customers and individuals (businesses, too) through communication, technology, and "service-focused" experiences that surpass expectations.

we are market basket

Splitting the Family-Owned Biz: Who Really Owns Your Profits?

"We Are Market Basket" is a true tale of a community's fight to save a family-owned grocery store. It's a business book that dispenses with textbook-like rules and instead provides a real-life business dilemma that one family faced and got help from an unexpected source.


Speakrets: Overcoming Obstacles to Great Public Speaking

If you think communication, and more specifically public speaking, is something you either have or you don't, think again. Ruth Sherman has a few public speaking secrets, "Speakrets" she calls them, that will change everything.

Customer Innovation

“Customer Innovation” Introduces a New Strategy for Business Growth

When you create a product or service or tweak one that already exists, never forget. Your success will depend on how well you anticipate the needs of both existing and potential customers in your market. "Customer Innovation" by Marion Debruyne gives insight on how to do this the right way to maximize your business growth

Marketing Value Metrics

Marketing Value Metrics: A Model for Profitability?

The authors of “Marketing Value Metrics” claim the increasing number of online channels has made evaluating the effectiveness of marketing efforts ever more difficult. To combat this problem, they propose a new system they claim will make marketers more accountability.

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