Christian Brim

Christian Brim
Christian has owned and operated Core Business and Financial Services, a statewide firm specializing in small business. At the tender age of 44, he decided to start another company, Core Employee Solutions, to deliver a service as a software (SaaS) platform to help small business owners help their employees. Educated at the University of Oklahoma and the school of building a multi-million dollar business from scratch, he lives with his wife, Stacey, and their teenage son in Oklahoma City. They also have two adult daughters, and he considers the raising of his children the most rewarding thing he will ever do.

when employees fail

Whose Fault Is It When Employees Fail?

Blaming your employees for when your business comes up short or just flat out fails will not lead to any progress. Showing leadership and accepting responsibility will get your business ahead.

Professional Help

You Definitely Need Professional Help!

Running a small business -- especially on your own -- can be daunting and overall, overwhelming. It's critical that a successful small business owner reach out for help when they need it.

$15 per Hour Minimum Wage

Why a $15 per Hour Minimum Wage May Not Be All Bad for Small Biz

Plenty of small business owners are worried about mandatory increases in the minimum wage no matter what form they take. While Christian Brim admits he's not in favor of such a policy, he also insists there are places small business owners can find opportunity here.