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conference call

What’s Really Happening On a Conference Call?

If your company has relied on audio conference calls to date to get things done in a group setting, you may want to consider video conferences. New data shows what could really be happening with the parties on your audio calls.

The Essentials of an Email Marketing Campaign

The Essentials of an Email Marketing Campaign

Your small business needs to have an email marketing campaign. There are more than enough studies suggesting it's the most effective. But not all campaigns are effective. What makes the best email marketing plan?

ways to create viral content

4 Effective Ways to Create Viral Content

Inside, you'll find an infographic featuring all the preferred media image sizes across all the popular social media platforms. (Hint: One way to go viral is to have properly sized media to share.)

bite size content

Bite Size Content is Fun and Easy to Digest for Readers

Creating content for your small business website is an evolving art form. And there's an art to creating bite size content that's easy to read, fun, and useful. There's a benefit, though. It makes for great reading on mobile devices.

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Digital marketing, schmigital marketing. A lot of small businesses are still seeing a great return by using old-fashioned snail mail.

Unemployment Lows

Unemployment Lows Suggest Economy on the Rebound

Earlier this year, the U.S. posted its lowest unemployment figures since 2008. Are these positive numbers a sign that the nation's economy is fully rebounded from the Great Recession.

Parental Leave for Employees

Tech Companies Setting New Standard in Parental Leave for Employees

Tech companies are trying to raise the bar when it comes to compassion for its workers. A new study found that companies like Microsoft and Netflix, especially, are offering the most paid maternity and paternity leave in the U.S. now. Companies, of course, aren't mandated to give any paid time off for parental responsibility.