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Use Storyboards to Create Killer Marketing Videos

Use Storyboards to Create Killer Marketing Videos

If your small business is considering crafting a video marketing campaign, just standing in front of a camera and clumsily editing a few different shots together probably won't deliver the message you want. Using storyboards to plan out a video presentation can produce professional quality results. Here are tips on how to do it.

blockbuster marketing

Marketing a Small Business Like a Hollywood Blockbuster

Small businesses couldn't possibly take cues from Hollywood blockbusters, right? Wrong! In fact, the marketing behind a box office hit can be emulated by small businesses. Check out how to follow the same path to stardom starting today.

stay at home workers

Who’s the Average Stay-at-Home Worker Today?

More than 3 million Americans work at least part of their week at home. So your small business is more likely going to be relying on the services of a remote worker, if it hasn't already. So, who is the average work-from-home person?

11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

11 Signs: When It’s Time to Fire Your Client

Clients are the key to your business's success. But sometimes they become an impediment too. When that happens it may be time to fire your client, Here are some signs you may have finally gotten to that point.

top brands

Imagining Some Top Brands as Brews

If top brands like Facebook or Nike had their own beers, what might they taste like? This is exactly the question custom T-shirt creator Printsome tried to answer with "Beer-tualising." It's a series of designs guaranteed to make you see your favorite brands in a whole new light. Take a look.

Ugliest Fonts

Death to Comic Sans: The Ugliest Fonts to Avoid

Creative Market looked at some of the ugliest fonts in use today. Arial, Comic Sans, Papyrus ... look around; they're probably in use at your office right now. Designers say these fonts need to stay off documents and signage immediately.