Ed Lieber

Ed Lieber

Ed Lieber is a staff writer for Small Business Trends. He is a journalist and marketing copywriter with 20 years of experience writing, editing and managing for both print and digital vehicles.

Ed also writes a pseudonymous blog about organized crime in America and has authored a Kindle best-seller.

Twitter Conversion Lift Reports

New Twitter Conversion Lift Reports Will Show Ad Conversion

If you're getting better information about the impact of your Twitter campaigns, you'll spend smarter money on your marketing on the site. The company's new lift conversion reports may help you get that better information.

Spammed By LinkedIn

Ever Been Spammed By LinkedIn? You May Have Money Coming

If you're among the many people who received endless emails from LinkedIn encouraging you to connect with others on the social network, you may be entitled to a portion of the class-action lawsuit settlement just agreed to.

AT&T WiFi Calling

Bad Signal? AT&T Now Has WiFi Calling

A new feature from AT&T allows users to make and receive calls on a WiFi signal provided by the company when the mobile signal can't be reached.

twitter ceo

Dorsey’s Return as Twitter CEO Shows Lessons Learned

Jack Dorsey is back at the helm of Twitter. He was removed as CEO previously because the board of directors felt his commitments were elsewhere. So, what can small businesses learn about his return?

Looking for General Counsel? This Site May Do the Trick

Looking for General Counsel? This Site May Do the Trick

LegalHero aims to empower small businesses with the legal firepower bigger companies enjoy. The startup offers legal services to small businesses on demand by helping businesses match an attorney with their needs.

best high speed internet provider

How Do You Find the Best High Speed Internet Provider?

There are a lot of considerations when deciding the kind of Internet connection that best suits your business. Bring yourself up to speed and start answering some of the toughest questions with this handy guide.