Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner
Gail Gardner is a staff writer for Small Business Trends as well as the Community Manager at BizSugar. She is also the Small Business Marketing Strategist who founded As a small business consultant, she guides business owners and managers in how to prioritize their advertising, marketing and social media based on what will generate the strongest results. She also mentors freelancers, and in particular freelance writers and social media influencers. Gail co-founded (with Eren McKay) the Bloggers Mastermind Skype group. Gail has been in IT since 1977 when she started at IBM as one of the first women computer technicians. During her 23 years there, she repaired computer equipment of all kinds and managed client accounts including multi-CPU mainframe accounts with multi-national networks. Her background covers businesses of every size in every vertical. After leaving IBM, Gail focused on managing pay-per-click (PPC) accounts, particularly AdWords, primarily for ecommerce and local businesses. After 5.5 years in PPC, she decided to focus on small business strategy and founding GrowMap.

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