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James R. Coughlin

James R. Coughlin

In his role of establishing and overseeing the underwriting function at Asterisk Financial Inc., James R. Coughlin draws upon twenty years of commercial banking experience, including extensive experience in credit risk assessment, risk management and regulatory compliance across all commercial and consumer asset classes.

Before joining Asterisk, he was with Webster Bank, N.A. as the Senior Credit Risk Manager and Senior Vice President for the regional commercial bank. Coughlin joined the bank to facilitate the transition from a local savings bank (a thrift chartered institution) to a regional commercial bank. While there, he helped build a strong credit infrastructure and implemented a disciplined credit risk management and information process.

Prior to Webster, Coughlin held positions with increasing levels of responsibility in credit risk functions with Fleet Boston Financial (predecessor to Bank of America), including Portfolio Risk Management and Credit Risk Review. He has also held several credit positions with Shawmut National Corporation, where he started his career and successfully completed a formal credit-training program.

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