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Jamie Dahlum

Jamie Dahlum
Vice President and Program Manager SPAWAR Mr. Dahlum is a Vice President at SpinSys. As Vice President, he oversees all aspects of the Department of Navy (DON) programs, from program level to relationship management, to ensure successful delivery to DON clients. Mr. Dahlum manages several DON programs ranging from sustainment and operations to development and modernization. Prior to his position as Vice President, Navy, Mr. Dahlum served as the Information Technology Director for SpinSys where he provided oversight and made critical decisions regarding key technological advancements within the company. In addition, his expertise in the area of cyber security proved to be key in his success as lead information assurance (IA) engineer on the Department of Defense (DOD) programs within the Spin Systems portfolio. Other experience preceding his involvement with SpinSys includes roles as program manager, project manager, and technical lead for mission critical programs within DOD. Mr. Dahlum provides over 20 years of technical and managerial experience in information technology with a focus on DOD programs within the DON and Air Force.

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