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Janet Meiners Thaeler

Janet Meiners Thaeler

Janet Meiners Thaeler is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) evangelist for OrangeSoda Inc., an online marketing technology company providing powerful, proprietary search engine marketing solutions to help small- to medium-sized businesses raise visibility locally through online marketing.

At OrangeSoda her primary responsibilities include advising larger clients on blogging and social media strategies. She is also the primary author for OrangeSoda’s official blog and Twitter account (@OrangeSoda).

Thaeler has been in the online marketing industry for more than five years, specializing in online public relations (PR) and blogging. She has worked with companies like Novell and Tahitian Noni, as well as numerous small businesses. Thaeler is also an accomplished freelance writer, with articles published in newspapers, City Search and Utah’s Connect Magazine. As a professional blogger she has written for sites including Podango, Marketing Pilgrim and her own blog — Newspapergrl.com.

As an avid student of online marketing, Thaeler is involved in network groups and organizations throughout the greater Salt Lake Valley (Utah). She is also a member of the Wasatch Online Marketing Association.

When she’s not consuming media and online marketing information, Thaeler enjoys life with her husband and son. She is currently working on a book about online PR. Thaeler also enjoys being a pro-active member of her community and winning a game of ping pong.

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