Jared Saunders

Jared Saunders

Professionally Jared Saunders is currently the award winning in house affiliate program manager and key member of Jenson USA’s marketing team. He is also currently on Jenson USA’s business development staff participating in critical current issue (CCI) events.

Jared has helped create, direct, and organize plans of action to address growth issues, current market challenges, and developed strategic plans for expansion.

Off site Jared is an Independent Marketing and Business Contractor having worked with over 20 companies in the last 2 years. He thrives in complex and creative environments and has lead and managed across multiple departments and fields creating and enacting high priority action plans effectively.

Jared has maintained good moral even in tense and frustrating situations and has been a marketer in the outdoor industry for the last five years. Both in good times, and in bad. While not able to stop the tide of change he has been able to adapt to the ebb and flow of business; making the best of any opportunity.

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