JoAnn McFarland

JoAnn McFarland
JoAnn McFarland is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. She covers breaking news such as new product announcements, government policy, acquisitions and other industry developments. JoAnn was born and raised in Hermiston OR where she currently resides with her husband, Jerry, and youngest son Darrell and his family. Graduating from Hermiston High School, JoAnn went on to Blue Mountain Community College and attained a certificate for Licensed Practical Nurse and an Associate degree in General Studies. She later obtained her Associates in the Science of Nursing from a self-study program at Regents College (now Excalibur) NY State University. JoAnn enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, playing the piano and reading. She sings on her church’s worship team and has written a novel, The Ancients, a medical mystery with a supernatural theme, available on Amazon. JoAnn is currently working on her next book which will feature experiences in nursing homes that will act as a guide book regarding placing your loved one in nursing homes.


Tappyn Introduces Crowdsourced Copywriting Services

Tappyn connects small businesses on tight marketing budgets with freelance ad copy writers who compete to write the best two-line ads. Winning writers get paid $50 for their work and businesses get the ad copy they want.

intel small business

New Intel Initiatives for Small Business Technology Shared

A small business with its own IT department typically isn't a reality, at least for small businesses outside of the tech sector. But Intel Small Business Advantage is hoping to provide enough support to these companies to allay their possible need for a dedicated IT team.

ExCom 2016 Gives Actionable Customer Insights

ExCom 2016 Gives Actionable Customer Insights

Technology plays a role in our lives every day and that's especially true of the way your small business interacts with its customers. It's that topic and more that will be in focus for the upcoming ExCom 2016 convention.

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