JoAnn McFarland

JoAnn McFarland
JoAnn McFarland is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. She covers breaking news such as new product announcements, government policy, acquisitions and other industry developments. JoAnn was born and raised in Hermiston OR where she currently resides with her husband, Jerry, and youngest son Darrell and his family. Graduating from Hermiston High School, JoAnn went on to Blue Mountain Community College and attained a certificate for Licensed Practical Nurse and an Associate degree in General Studies. She later obtained her Associates in the Science of Nursing from a self-study program at Regents College (now Excalibur) NY State University. JoAnn enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, playing the piano and reading. She sings on her church’s worship team and has written a novel, The Ancients, a medical mystery with a supernatural theme, available on Amazon. JoAnn is currently working on her next book which will feature experiences in nursing homes that will act as a guide book regarding placing your loved one in nursing homes.

desk exercises

Deskercise: 17 Exercises You Can Do At or Near Your Desk

Chained to your desk all day doesn't mean you should devolve into a sedentary, out-of-shape stiff. Here are 17 exercises you can do -- many from your desk -- that boost your heart rate, stretch your muscles and help prevent serious injuries.

nasa technology licensing

NASA Says It Will Start Licensing Technology to Startups

NASA is hoping startups will take advantage of an offer of free licensing of its technology to help propel the space agency to Mars. Companies can use the licenses to develop their own products, whether they're dedicated to the goal of reaching Mars or not.

sitting long hours

Can Fidgeting Help When Sitting Long Hours at Your Desk?

Feeling chained to your desk? That feeling got you feeling bad about yourself? New research shows that the little motions you make while sitting at your desk, like kicking your feet, can actually improve your health.

Minority Businesses in Detroit

Special Funding Earmarked for Minority Businesses in Detroit

A partnership between JPMorgan Chase, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and the Detroit Development Fund will make more than $6 million available to minority-owned small businesses in the city that's trying to rebound from the decline of the once mighty automobile industry there.

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