Joe Lawrence

Joe Lawrence
Joe Lawrence is a real estate investor, small business owner, business credit coach and Founder of Business Credit Workshop. As an author and investor from central New Jersey, Joe enjoys helping real estate investors and small business owners improve their business and lives. Working as a pre-foreclosure investor in real estate, Joe discovered methods to line up cash quickly as a means to fund his business. As a result, he created the Business Credit Workshop, a company that teaches the methods to develop a rock-solid business credit profile and the little-known techniques on how and where to obtain business loans and business credit cards in today’s market. Joe also enjoys teaching real estate investors how to invest in real estate and literally flip houses with little risk.

SBA impact on lending

The Secrets of the SBA Impact on Lending

For small businesses looking for capital through loans, they're finding prospects aren't that promising. So, what is the Small Business Administration's impact on the sluggish small business loan market.

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