John Follis

John Follis
John Follis heads up Big Idea Video, creator of short format, high concept video that captivates and persuades prospects – something every business can benefit from. In fact, according to Forbes, 76% of marketers expect to invest in video this year and make it their #1 marketing strategy. John Follis honed his talents as Creative Director and Co-founder of Follis/DeVito/Verdi, one of Madison Avenue’s most successful and award-winning ad agencies. John and his team have worked with small businesses in all industries as well as dozens of organizations and institutions. John is also the Author of "How to Attract and Excite Your Prospects: A Guide to Getting the Best Marketing Results."

Video on LinkedIn

Why Isn’t Your Video on LinkedIn?

If you're executing a small business video marketing campaign, the natural inclination is to post to the old standbys: your company website and YouTube. But don't forget about LinkedIn.

No, Thank You