Jonha Richman

Jonha Richman
Jonha Richman is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends covering apps, ecommerce and new business models. Jonha invests through her private investment fund, JJ Richman. The firm's latest investments have been focused on real estate, equities, bonds, commodities, emerging technologies (such as AI, big data) and various other globally diversified assets.

google trusted testers

Google Seeks Small Business Owners as Trusted Testers

Would you like to be a "Trusted Tester" of products coming out for Google My Business and Google Ads? A new program may make it possible. If your business meets Google's list of requirements, you can sign up today.

dark web

What is the Dark Web?

Beyond the regular Web, there is the Dark Web. You've probably heard something about it but probably just enough to know you didn't want to know too much more about it. Well, here are some answers to some common questions about the Dark Web.

Competitive Pricing

Are Comparison Apps Making Competitive Pricing More Imperative?

Comparison apps available to mobile-ready shoppers allow them to look at items in your store and find it cheaper online. How do you beat the app and get a potential online shopper to just buy it while they're checking it out in your store?

learn from chipotle

What Can You Learn From Chipotle About Rescuing Your Brand?

Chipotle Restaurant's reaction to a food poisoning scare in 2015 may have injured the company's reputation and the trust it had built with a solid customer base. Here's how your business can bounce back from a similar event and how not to react like Chipotle.

landing page mistakes

Be Sure to Scan Landing Pages Before Spending Money on Digital Advertising

Your online marketing campaign is going to direct Web users to a specific website, more than likely. These landing pages have a major impact on what action your potential customer will take next. Here are things to consider for potential landing pages for your next campaign.

millennials and meetings

Millennials Do Not Actually Hate Meetings, Survey Says

Popular thinking would suggest that Millennials, the youngest among the professional workforce, hate meetings. In fact, it's their slightly older co-workers that loathe the idea of getting together in one room (or on a single, group call) with each other.

joint employer ruling

Congress Opts Not to Delay “Joint Employer” Ruling

The head of the International Franchise Association is pleading with Congress to support a measure that would halt an NLRB ruling that he says is "a radical change to the National Labor Relations Act’s (NLRA) joint employer standard."

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