Julie Fidler

Julie Fidler
Julie Fidler began writing professionally in 2003. Since that time, she has worked as an acquisitions editor and staff writer for the highly-popular-but-now-defunct online arts and entertainment magazine Infuze, an advertising/marketing copywriter for several local newspapers and magazines, a ghost writer for best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn, and a columnist and contributing writer for the quarterly lifestyle magazine Fine Living Lancaster. In 2005, Julie’s first book, Adventures in Holy Matrimony: For Better or the Absolute Worst (Relevant Books) was published nationally. She appeared on national television shows and did dozens of radio interviews in support of the book. Julie is currently shopping a second book to agents and publishers. Before becoming a writer, Julie worked in human services, first with mentally ill and intellectually disabled adults, and later with pregnant teens and teen moms. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania, native has been married for 14 years to Scott, who is a mobile therapist who works with autistic children and teens. Julie and Scott spend two days a week working at a local cat rescue, where they adopted one of their two (insanely spoiled, frighteningly intelligent) cats. In her spare time, Julie enjoys spending far too much time looking for home improvement ideas on Pinterest, making “old granny” crafts, hiking and gardening. A news and politics junkie, she does a lot of reading and loves the occasional conspiracy theory. She also knows how to find a mean bargain at a thrift store. Julie is currently a legal blogger for a large national law firm. Every so often, she pontificates on her personal blog, Fidler on the Roof.

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Study Claims Google is Violating Competition Laws

New research from Europe has found Google may be violating anti-competition laws on the books for the continent. A study found that Google's local search results are skewed to push the company's services over others.

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What Not to Do When Using Internet on the Go

These days it's not just Internet service that's important to small businesses. With both you and your clients constantly on the move, it's important to also have Internet on the go. When accessing the Internet on a mobile device or through a wireless network, however, there are important things to remember.

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