Kenneth Vogt

Kenneth Vogt
Kenneth Vogt is the Founder of Vera Claritas. (That means "True Clarity" in Latin. Erudite, hey?) Kenneth helps entrepreneurs discover and embrace their unique surpassing excellence. He is a man who has “been there, done that:" - He had a stodgy title at a traditional company (controller for a manufacturer). - He had a sexy title at a splashy company (Principal Solutions Architect for a fabulously successful dot com). - But mostly he has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Kenneth created one of the first e-commerce web sites for a Fortune 500 company way back in 1997 and he has ridden the Internet ever since. Having worked in entrepreneurial enterprises large and small, he has experienced what it takes to create, run and even recreate life-sustaining businesses. Kenneth has lived and worked all over the U.S., Europe and most recently, Mexico. He speaks several languages poorly (Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi) and English quite well. Come get your free copy of the 45-page guide "How To Get Clarity and Hold On To It" at

delegating and abdicating

Do You Know the Difference Between Delegating and Abdicating?

A small business owner's biggest dream comes true: his business takes off and becomes successful. But his challenges are just beginning, as he must learn the difference between delegating and abdicating. Read this story that explains what can happen if you don't follow all the steps for effective delegation.

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