Larry Alton

Larry Alton

Larry Alton is a professional blogger, writer and researcher who contributes to a number of reputable online media outlets and news sources. A graduate of Iowa Sate University, he’s now a full-time freelance writer and business consultant. Currently, Larry writes for,, and, among others. In addition to journalism, technical writing and in-depth research, he’s also active in his community and spends weekends volunteering with a local non-profit literacy organization and rock climbing.

He pursued his undergraduate degree in English Literature and transitioned to freelance writing full-time upon graduation. The years he spent studying and working the corporate daily grind prepared him well for his work with various companies ranging from small, locally-owned shops to Fortune 500 firms. A featured writer with numerous national publications, he’s positioned himself at the top of the tech writing field and is known for “translating” industry jargon into easily digestible, readable content.

Particularly interesting fields for Larry include digital media, thought leadership, any and all things Android and iOS, entrepreneurship, and social media.

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