Joel Libava - Franchise Expert

Joel Libava
Joel Libava is the Franchise Expert for Small Business Trends. He's a Cleveland, Ohio based franchise expert and consultant. Joel is The Franchise King®. He provides franchise advisory services to people considering franchise ownership. He helps increase his client's chances of success, while at the same time, lowering their risk. Joel's business was started by his late father in 1991 and at that time was called International Franchise Development. Joel joined him in 2001, after 10+ years in automobile franchising and prior to that a variety of management positions in the restaurant business. He changed the name of the company in 2004 to Franchise Selection Specialists Inc. He's the President of Franchise Selection Specialists and he blogs at The Franchise King Blog. Joel Libava's Franchise Business University is THE place to learn all about franchising. Follow Joel on Twitter: @FranchiseKing. To reach Joel: thefranchiseking - at - Phone him: 216-831-2610