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Lior Krolewicz

Lior Krolewicz
Lior Krolewicz is the CEO of Yael Consulting, an online marketing consultancy, where he helps eCommerce and lead generation businesses grow profitably online. His unique experience positions Lior to provide a unique online marketing consulting services to small businesses worldwide. In 2009 Lior lead paid-search and started the business insights department for HauteLook, which then sold to Nordstrom ($270 million). In 2010, he managed online marketing budgets of over $1 million per month, at one of the nation’s large marketing agency. In 2011, Lior decided to bring these world-class, proven marketing techniques to small businesses. As an ex-Special Ops commander, he is passionate about being a true Google Ads expert and developing high-performance teams. Focusing on accountability, discipline, and mission-success –business results – he helps his clients maximize their return on marketing investment. Growing up in a household of small business owners, and as a small business owner, Lior understands the day-to-day struggles and frustration it brings. This drives him to treat each client’s business as his own, working with them to “win” online. In 2015, Lior and his team helped an orthopedic shoe company grow sales from $20,000 to $500,000 per month within 30 days (limited by the client’s ability to fulfill orders). Withing 7 months they grew sales to over $1,000,000 per month. With Lior as the lead Facebook marketing expert, they used Shopify to take this client to the next level. Helping in any way possible, Lior often helps small businesses with their website development, seo consulting service, or even business insights and analytics. Working with so many kinds of businesses over the years, he shares his vast knowledge to help businesses succeed online.

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