Louis Gombocz

Louis Gombocz
Lou Gombocz is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. He graduated with honors from Lehigh University in Bethlehem with a Journalism/Marketing degree. He's also worked as a senior account executive in multiple media platforms for over two decades in addition to journalism. He likes the outdoors, swimming, skiing, and antiques.

Staffing At Will Employment

What Does “At Will Employment” Really Mean?

At-will employment is one of the most common employer-employee relationships. This scenario gives each side the ability to terminate employment for almost any reason at almost any time. Learn the ins and outs of at-will employment with the help of some legal experts.

Sales reviews hurting business

How to Keep Bad Reviews from Hurting Your Business

Even the best small businesses have off days or don't hit greatness with every customer. It's hard -- or impossible -- to please everyone. So, a negative online review of any small business is inevitable. Here's how to react when your business only generates 1 star and some nasty comments.