March 29, 2017

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson’s cartoons appear in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Harvard Business Review, Good Housekeeping, and Forbes.

Anderson is the creator of the popular cartoon website,, where he licenses his cartoons for presentations, newsletters and other projects.

The cartoonist also creates custom cartoons for companies looking to associate his gentle wit with their products and brands.

He blogs at: Andertoons Cartoon Blog.

He lives in the Chicago area with his wife, son, daughter, dog, cats, and numerous dust bunnies.

The Picture of Prosperity?

It's a bit of a caption contest. Have you any idea the message portrayed in this cartoon?

Reiterate Business Cartoon

A Good Idea Bears Repeating

Iteration is the buzz word in entrepreneurship circles these days. Experts say that what is needed most is the next idea. But sometimes to realize you've got a good one, you need to hear it more than once.

The Invisible Hand of the Market Revealed!

When Adam Smith proposed his Invisible Hand of the Market in 1759, the father of free market economics probably couldn't have imagined his creation so neurotic that it wound up on the couch contemplating the meaning of it all.

Managing Automation Business Cartoon

Are There Any Redundancies in Your Organizational Chart?

Automation is great. And so is delegation. Both can help your business and help you focus on more important things. Just be sure to keep an eye out for redundancies -- situations where layers of supervision and automation have created inefficiencies by keeping a piece that just isn't needed anymore.

So Simple Even a Child Could Understand

The way we were ... It's great to think back on those so-called good ol' days. It's hilarious to consider some of those moments happening while running your small business.

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