Myra Nizami

Myra Nizami
Myra Nizami is a staff writer for Small Business Trends as well as a freelance writer and researcher with a Bachelor's degree from Cornell University and a Master's from Kings College London. Myra has been writing for SMEs and large businesses since 2013, including blogs, whitepapers, articles, and other digital content for industries such as beauty, fashion, retail, and e-commerce.

ice cream franchises

11 Ice Cream Franchises

If you're thinking of starting an ice cream business, this list of ice cream franchises and opportunities will inspire you to take the next step.

lash and brow franchise

6 Lash and Brow Franchise Opportunities

If you're considering owning a lash and brow franchise, check out this list of the best lash and brow franchise opportunities. They may even inspire you to take the next step.

coffee franchise

14 Coffee Franchise Opportunities

There's always a need for coffee. If you're thinking of owning a coffee franchise, these excellent franchise opportunities will inspire you to take the next step.

how to use a green screen

How to Use a Green Screen

Knowing how to use a green screen is a valuable skill for business video communication to show products, services, and presentations in a call.

business trip packing list

Business Trip Packing List

Identify the most important things you'll need on your travels using a business trip packing list so you won't forget essential items.

top travel influencers

13 Top Travel Influencers

From great travel tips to better marketing opportunities for your small business ad campaigns, top travel influencers are a good resource.

international business travel

16 International Business Travel Tips

Traveling abroad requires additional precautions, take a look at these international business travel tips to protect and prepare yourself.

business travel tips

15 Business Travel Tips

From racking up travel rewards to making sure you have your charger, here are some great business travel tips for enjoying your trip.

business travel safety

17 Business Travel Safety Tips

When you are booking and managing the travel itinerary of your company make sure to keep in mind important business travel safety tips.

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