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Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp is a passionate entrepreneur, business expert, professional speaker, author, and mother of four. She is the Founder and CEO of CorpNet.com, a trusted resource and service provider for business incorporation, LLC filings, and corporate compliance services in all 50 states.

Nellie and her team recently launched a partner program for legal, tax and business professionals to help them streamline the business incorporation and compliance process for their clients.

how to grow your business

5 Lessons for Growing Your Small Business

There are a lot of things to think about as your business matures. It's not just a question of getting it started and then working to keep revenue coming in the door. You need to work actively to grow your business too. Here's how.

LLC or Corporation, Which is Right for Your Business?

The Benefits of an S Corporation

What kind of business structure is right for your company? S Corporations have numerous unique aspects that might work for your organization. Read Nelli Akalp's article on S Corporations to decide whether this format might work for your business.

Managing Your business Cash Flow

How Well Are You Managing Your Business Cash Flow?

Cash may still be king for small businesses but if you're not managing that cash flow properly, the kingdom may crumble. Here's how to mitigate the cash flow for your small business.

Industry Thought Leader

5 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader

There are leaders and there are followers. What separates them is usually the power leaders ave to set their own pace and influence others in their industry. Nellie Akalp looks at a few of the ways thought leaders manage too distance themselves from the pack.

forming a corporation

5 Common Objections to Forming a Corporation or an LLC

There comes a time when formalizing a business structure is necessary. And up to that point, some entrepreneurs will fight every inch of the way to avoid doing it. Here are 5 reasons why setting up an LLC or other corporate structure is the last thing anyone wants to do.