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Penney Fox

Penney Fox
As a small business owner since 1999, Penney Fox understands what it takes to balance your business with your personal world. Penney Fox, President of Inner Social Media-ness, is uniquely positioned to help small businesses get results with her small business productivity coaching programs. Her programs give business owners practical information and actionable strategies to help you integrate effective Social Media techniques into your marketing plans. It’s about understanding your work style and learning how to develop targeted social media campaign to grow your social media presence. Penney is also the developer of the Social Media Images that Convert online program. If you’re struggling to create your social media images, this 4-week online course will teach you the quick and easy steps to develop branded images in 30 minutes or less. Visit Inner Social Media-ness to learn more about time management social media marketing tricks to help your small business fit social media marketing into your already crazy busy day.

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