Raju Vegesna

Raju Vegesna
As Chief Evangelist at Zoho, Raju Vegesna plays a leading role in presenting Zoho's message to the business market worldwide.

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Create Apps Without Coding Experience

Zoho's Creator Platform, and other low code solutions like it, make custom application development affordable and attainable for non-technical small business users.

4 Ways To Automate and Adapt To Combat Labor Shortages

The challenges from the pandemic have required small businesses to adapt and become more resilient. And while some obstacles have subsided new ones have arisen, such as labor shortages and hiring challenges. But there are some ways you can combat this.

The Manual Dilemma: 4 Ways To Streamline Invoicing

With the right systems in place and in budget, small businesses can optimize their accounts payable systems so that they can paid accurately and quicker. In the long run, a streamlined invoicing system will help small businesses grow in a wavering market.