Sandeep Babu

Sandeep Babu
Sandeep Babu is a staff writer for Small Business Trends as well as a freelance writer and the founder of QuickScream, a platform to learn online marketing. He co-founded DoQuickly, a portal that offers easy-to-follow tips to do things quickly. He regularly contributes to leading online publications and is a big fan of American author Ernest Hemingway and actor Jack Nicholson.

how to make a powerpoint into a video

How to Make a PowerPoint into a Video

This is how to make a PowerPoint into a video so it can play automatically without having to click through each slide for your next presentation.

how much does a website cost

How Much Does a Website Cost?

How much does a website cost? From the most basic to the ones with all the bells and whistles, this is what it will cost you to get one.

how much do graphic designers make

How Much Do Graphic Designers Make?

How much money do graphic designers make? This will depend on if you are working for yourself, a design firm, as well as industry segments.

apps for real estate agents

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Whether you are selling or renting properties, the best apps for real estate agents on this list will help you manage all of your listings.

make money watching ads

How to Make Money Watching Ads

Do you want to know how to make money by watching ads from brands that want to get feedback from their ad campaigns, here is how you can?

how to start a podcast

How to Start a Podcast

You can grow your business in many different ways in a digital ecosystem, and by learning how to start a podcast, you can reach your audience anywhere.

how to download youtube videos

How to Download YouTube Videos

Here is how to download YouTube videos legally so you can watch them as many times as you want without worrying about connectivity issues and cost.

remote work statistics

2021 Remote Work Statistics

Remote workers are becoming the norm, and as this trend continues understanding remote work statistics can be valuable information to address the market.

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