Sarah Bundy

Sarah Bundy

Sarah is a passionate, high level thinking Internet Marketing Specialist who has been a top performer for more than half a dozen corporations in her lifetime. Over the last decade, she has managed affiliate programs, lead sales teams, and written and implemented online marketing plans for several multimillion dollar corporations.

Sarah often speaks at international industry events such as the Online Marketing Summit and Affiliate Management Days. She contributes to both, a top 100 blog, and FeedFront Magazine, the official affiliate marketing magazine of Affiliate Summit. She also teaches at the Online Marketing Institute about Affiliate Marketing for Merchants and is frequently interviewed on radio shows such as QAQN and Webmaster Radio.

Throughout her sales and marketing career, she has been recognized for ten sales achievement awards, four customer service awards, been nominated for employee of the year twice, won Marketing MVP twice, and had her company nominated for two different awards in 2009: Best New Start Up of the Year in Vancouver, BC and Best New Outsourced Program Management Company of the Year by A Best Web.

Sarah now leads teams of highly skilled and dedicated Internet Marketing strategists at All Inclusive Marketing, Canada’s leading full-service Affiliate Management company, as well as Affiliate Management Trainers, which offers personalized Affiliate Management training and consulting services for Internet Retailers. She works hard to bring a positive name to the affiliate marketing space through ethical business practices, positive relationships with her affiliates and better educating merchants about industry issues and best practices.

Sarah believes in integrity, honesty, and that energy and persistence concur all things. She pushes her team for continued personal and professional development, as well as her own abilities as a team leader, industry expert, and teacher in the online marketing space.

Sarah’s favorite pastimes, aside from learning new skills and foundations each day, are spending time with her family and friends, eating delicious foods, and traveling the world.

Specialties Include:

Internet Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing / Program Management
eCommerce Program Management and Execution
Team Leadership and People Management
Sales and Negotiations
World Travel & Adventure