Steven Scheck

Steven Scheck
Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of WiFi networks for the multifamily, hospitality and healthcare industries. He believes more and more people should be aware of the latest trends in wireless connectivity and draw benefits. Especially, the community WiFi should be put into relevant use. He also believes that hospital WiFi has become an integral part of the healthcare industry and hints at is varied form of use. So, he shares the innovations in WiFi through his write-ups. When he isn't bringing WiFi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

using your wireless network

How Can You Prevent People from Using Your Wireless Network

Do you suspect a drain on your WiFi signal may be caused by someone siphoning off all your company's available bandwidth? Here are ways to protect your small business's wireless network from freeloaders and potential hackers.

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5 Ways to Keep Hackers on Public WiFi at Bay

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WiFi Industry

Relevant WiFi Industry Updates for Small Business Owners

Small businesses can't rely on public WiFi and public networks to get through the day. A secure network is necessary but business-grade options had always been expensive. New updates, however, could change that prospect for a lot of small business owners.