Tabby McFarland

Tabby McFarland
Tabby McFarland is a staff writer and web researcher for Small Business Trends. As a staff writer she specializes in social media, technology, special interest features, and eCommerce. A geek at heart, Tabby loves to be online interacting with the blogging community. Tabby is a WAHM (work at home mom) and is also an avid Pinterest enthusiast with a strong sense of style and creativity.

employee gifts

The Gifts Your Employees Do NOT Want This Year

Got a box of windbreakers featuring the company logo collecting dust in a closet somewhere? Before you think, "These would make great gifts for the team," stop, go to any store that sells gift cards -- and in some cases, a big Christmas ham -- and avoid a colossal gift blunder.

Clever Employee Gift Ideas

Wow Your Staff With These Clever Employee Gift Ideas

Sometimes there aren't enough words for a small business owner to show their employees how valuable they are to them. These gifts, while largely inexpensive, could go a long toward showing you appreciate the help.

Instagram Partner Program

Instagram Partner Program Unveiled for Business Users

Instagram is interested in having more small businesses use its platform to market their products and brands. It's created a Partner program where larger businesses who've found more success on Instagram mentor those just getting started.

Fiverr Raises $60 Million

Fiverr Raises $60 Million, Eliminates $5 Rule

The website known for offering a seemingly endless stream of services for $5 is changing its approach. While Fiverr's unique pricing is certainly what set it apart in the beginning, the company now feels it could be limiting. Here's how Fiverr is trying to shake things up.

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