Tabby McFarland

Tabby McFarland
Tabby McFarland is a staff writer and web researcher for Small Business Trends. As a staff writer she specializes in social media, technology, special interest features, and eCommerce. A geek at heart, Tabby loves to be online interacting with the blogging community. Tabby is a WAHM (work at home mom) and is also an avid Pinterest enthusiast with a strong sense of style and creativity.

Business Gifts Under $100

Check Out These Business Gifts Under $100

When you run a small business, everything needs to be on a budget. Here are some ideas for giving business gifts that will leave an impression without breaking the bank.

Best Business Gifts Under $25

Best Business Gifts Under $25 for 2015

You know sometimes you have to reign in the budget in your business. You've got to decide between things that would be nice to spend on but aren't really necessary and things that are absolutely vital. Here's a way to cut back on the gifts you send your clients without making it look that way.

Best Business Gifts Under $10

Best Business Gifts Under $10 for 2015

There's something to the adage, the best things come in small packages. For less than $10, you can give a thoughtful gift this season. Here are some nifty gifts that let you spread the cheer a little more this year.

Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Begins Selling New Surface Pro 4

Those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Surface 4 need to wait no longer. The versatile tablet is stocked with some powerful hardware and available for a range of prices.

toshiba dynapad

Newest Toshiba DynaPad is 2-in-1 with Stylus

Toshiba and Microsoft have teamed up to produce the latest dynaTab tablet. It's powered by Windows 10 and promises to appeal to people who need to take notes on the go, on their tablets.

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