Todd Taskey

Todd Taskey
Todd Taskey is a 20+ year entrepreneur, business owner, investment banker and business finance advisor. In addition to M&A advice and investment banking, Todd has been a founding investor, board member or part of the management team of five other business ventures. Today, Todd helps CEO's and entrepreneurs develop a successful exit strategy, often years in advance of a company sale, by understanding the dynamics of the small - mid market investment banking process which ultimately results in: 1) Maximum value from their company sale. 2) Minimize the tax impact of a successful business sale. 3) Maintain complete control of the process when selling a business. Todd has earned may recommendations for clients and other advisers alike and his capabilities include M&A process creation, M&A advisor, exit planning, maximizing corporate valuation, selling company, selling a business, selling a technology, strategic acquisition, ownership transfer to family/insiders, business continuity.

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