Tom Coombe

Tom Coombe
Tom Coombe is a staff writer for Small Business Trends and has worked in the news business for the last 15 years, most of that time in the Lehigh Valley. Tom has done the morning news for WDIY in college, launched AOL's in Easton and covered everything from murder to municipal government for the Morning Call. He's talked about apes with Jane Goodall, blogged about TV shows and written music reviews. Tom has also freelanced for WFMZ, the Produce Marketing Association and a number of other publications. A native of Schuylkill County, Tom divides his time between Easton and Lower Bucks County. He graduated from De Sales University in Center Valley.

How to Hold Meetings

How to Hold Meetings AND Still Keep Production Flowing

Meetings are a necessary evil, it seems. They're great for pushing the company message or getting a team all one page but they can also crimp a person's -- and company's -- daily workflow. Here's how to keep the day moving forward even if you're "stuck" at the conference table.

Spam King

“Spam King” Faces Hard Time, Fines

The infamous "Spam King" is scheduled to be sentenced on federal fraud charges later this year. Sanford Wallace has been convicted on charges that he accessed a half-million Facebook accounts and sent unsolicited ads to users.

lowest priced internet

Is the Lowest Priced Internet Really the Best Way to Go?

When choosing the right Internet service provider, don't let cost be your only consideration. Especially when choosing a service for your small business, remember that poor Internet service can also cost you productivity. And that too can have an impact on your bottom line.

Targeting Millennials

Targeting Millennials Not As Customers But As Investors

You've heard plenty about the need to market to Millennials, no doubt. But now that this group makes up a stunning 50 percent of the workforce and will soon control nearly $7 billion in liquid assets collectively, you may want to think bigger.

iphone 6s

New iPhone Announcement Expected in September

An upcoming Apple event could be the setting for an unveiling of a new iPhone 6 as well as a new iPad device. The iPad could be viewed as Apple's attempt to regain a foothold in the tablet market, where it's fallen short to date.

haha or lol

Majority of E-Laughs are Hahas, Facebook says

Facebook recently found out that not everything funny on the social media site is literally laugh-out-loud hilarious. In fact, a study conducted by Facebook on the e-laughs shared by its users revealed that most users laugh in text by using haha or hehe instead of the infamous LOL.

shutterstock financial

Shutterstock Sees 30 Percent Bump in Second Quarter

Shutterstock has reported a 30 percent growth in revenue during the last quarter. That boon may not be all good news, especially stockholders. After announcing the figures, the company's stock tumbled.

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