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Tyler Shears

Tyler Shears
As founder of Shears Consulting, Tyler Shears has over 15 years of experience in business management and digital marketing. His success is due in large part to the combined experience and expertise he and his team provide. Tyler has earned a reputation as a respected authority in the field of search engine optimization, content marketing, digital press and PR, and domain development. He has extensive experience in helping build successful startups with his expertise in digital marketing. His experience and relationships allow him to help clients create and implement the best available business and marketing strategies to help in building and increasing their business. He is currently serving as an advisor and Director of Marketing for Rabbit TV where he is responsible for managing on site advertising and speaking at industry events. In addition to his work helping businesses, Tyler also remains active in nonprofit work. He currently serves on the board of IDEAS for US, an organization that works to turn ideas into solutions that will help solve the global environmental crisis. He is a contributing author or speaker for Search Engine Journal, Small Business Trends, US Green Chamber, Wired, Examiner, Search Marketing Expo and more.

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