Vernessa Taylor

Vernessa Taylor
"Living life, listening to others and doing meaningful work helped me find my voice." For more than two decades Vernessa Taylor has been a trainer and technology consultant working with small and micro-businesses as well as non-profit organizations. Her consulting activities span organizational development, project management, program development, group facilitation, and internet strategy. She specializes in helping consultants, professionals and solopreneurs choose and use relevant, right-fit technology. At the height of her career in the not-for-profit world, she sat on diverse boards of directors, did fundraising, wrote proposals, developed programs and helped shaped policy on the local and statewide level. As founder and editor of CoachNotes Blog, she writes about technology, productivity software, e-commerce, webtools, email marketing, social media, computer security and business operations. She is a frequent guest contributor for numerous business-focused blogs. Vernessa's freelance work has appeared in Business2Community, Bluewire Media, Performance Marketing Insider, Directory Journal and others. She writes in a knowledgeable, yet engaging style -- even when dealing with complex subjects like technology. Her articles get shared though social media and readers often engage further by commenting and asking questions. When not wearing the trainer/consultant hat, Vernessa admits to being a self-professed geek. In her own words:
"I like that behind the-scenes web/blog stuff, including installing scripts, troubleshooting simple server issues, and digging around in a database. I can remote troubleshoot Linux or Windows machines and fix most production software issues. One of my most precious and enduring online relationships was developed by reaching out to help a popular blogger fix her Linux troubles!"
Currently residing in the southern United States, Vernessa is a native New Yorker who misses the World Trade Center Towers, loves the subway and Yellow Cabs, doesn't mind driving in Manhattan and rides the Staten Island Ferry every time she returns home. (Her street vending <a href="" title="Hotdog! Street Vending Saves Family Finances" series was inspired by a hotdog cart in front of Madison Square Garden.) An avid reader and book collector, she has lately discovered the joys of curating online content and invites you to check out her, and Contently collections. She invites you to connect and engage with her in all your favorite social venues.

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