Victor G. Snyder

Victor G. Snyder
A Florida native, Victor G Snyder has served as a consulting business coach since 2003. He founded in 2014, empowering entrepreneurs to filter out the noise, to achieve flow, to tackle the challenges that will actually get them where they want to be – ultimately, to own success. Victor is a firm believer that in today’s business ecosystem, true leadership takes far more than closing deals for the sake of endless “growth.” To empower our clients, BossMakers operates behind the scenes, advising on key issues like opportunity identification, dynamic priority management and developing the right types of confidence.

Data Analytics Tips

4 Tips to Derive Maximum Value from Your SMB’s Data Analytics

By finding the right tools, paying attention to small projects, letting the goal drive the project, and starting with the data you have, you can succeed in implementing data analytics in your business and tapping into the benefits of big data.

Tracking the Health of Your Small Business

How Leaders Can Better Track the Health of Their SMBs

From evaluating the state of your finances to monitoring outcomes for new business initiatives, becoming better informed about your company’s progress will go a long way in helping you make sound strategic decisions and increasing profitability.

5 Ways to Up Your SMB Management Game in 2020

5 Ways to Up Your SMB Management Game

You need to be constantly on the lookout for new ways to streamline your business management processes and improve your business growth, because if you aren’t growing, you’re going down.

7 Tactics Good Leaders Use to Boost Productivity in Underperforming Employees

Underperforming Employees: 7 Tactics to Boost Their Productivity

The best leaders are also mentors who cultivate meaningful relationships to inspire their team members to achieve more on their own, without outside pressure from superiors. Here are seven tactics that savvy leaders use to lift productivity among employees who aren’t delivering up to their potential.