William Johnson

William Johnson
William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media - web design. He is currently an Editor at Big Eye Deers and he is obsessed with the latest trends in ecommerce development, search engine optimization techniques, and social media analytics. He has been a regular contributor to leading online portals such as SEMrush, Small Business Trends and SocialMediaToday.

mobile pos apps

5 Ways Mobile POS Apps Will Supercharge Your Small Business

The cash register as we once knew it is so 20th Century. For small businesses to adapt to all the changes in retail sales, they need to get a mobile point-of-sale system. Here's some helping picking one right for your small business.

14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page

14 Must Haves for a Webinar Opt-In Page

An opt-in page for your upcoming webinar may be your one-and-only chance to get guests to commit to your event. Here are tips on creating an effective opt-in page and the benefits of having one.

email intelligence

How to Use Email Analytics for Email Intelligence

Email marketing has proven to stand the test of time and remains one of the most effective means of communicating with your customers. But getting deep into the data behind your email marketing campaign will help you make more informed decisions about the messages you send in the future.

bootstrapping a web design business

Bootstrapping a Web Design Business with a Few Basic Tools

It used to be that bootstrapping a web design business was a bit of a costly and time-intensive venture. That's definitely not the case these days. There are plenty of tools available to small businesses today that make this easier and far less expensive.

social media impacting

How Social Media is Impacting Web Design

The use and popularity of social media is having a big impact on the way we see the Web. Here are several ways that social media use is changing Web design entirely.

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