6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

Throwing axes for fun has been gaining popularity across America for a few years now. As a result, more and more recreational facilities and even bars offer this alternative activity. They are either its main entertainment feature or a quirky side hustle.

A thousand years ago during the peak of the Viking period, throwing axes would have been used more for hunting and combat. Not so much for sporting contests. Nowadays though it is a simple, safe and fun activity. And it’s enjoyed by groups of friends, families and work associates.

This interest and curiosity to partake in such an activity means there are many franchise opportunities. So you can open an axe throwing business to take advantage of this growing trend. While it may not sound very safe, axe throwing is a hot trend. Here are six axe throwing franchise ideas to consider if you want in.

Criteria for Choosing the Ideal Axe Throwing Franchise: Our Methodology

The sheer thrill of hurling an axe at a target has turned this once-niche activity into a booming industry. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or a first-time entrepreneur, the idea of owning an Axe Throwing franchise is undeniably enticing. However, with a growing number of options available, it’s vital to navigate this exciting journey with a well-thought-out strategy. We’ve ranked these criteria on a scale of importance, using a 1-5 rating scale, with 5 being the highest importance and 1 being the lowest:

  1. Safety Measures (5/5):
    • Safety should always be the top priority. Evaluate the franchise’s safety protocols, training programs, and safety equipment to ensure the well-being of customers and staff.
  2. Location (4/5):
    • The franchise’s location plays a significant role in its success. Assess the franchise’s support in selecting prime locations with high foot traffic and visibility.
  3. Franchise Support (5/5):
    • The level of support provided by the franchise is crucial. Look for comprehensive training, marketing assistance, operational guidance, and ongoing support.
  4. Costs and Fees (4/5):
    • Consider the initial investment, franchise fees, and ongoing royalties. Ensure that the costs align with your budget and revenue expectations.
  5. Brand Reputation (4/5):
    • Research the franchise’s reputation and customer reviews. A strong brand can attract more customers and boost your business.
  6. Target Audience (3/5):
    • Identify the franchise’s target audience and ensure it aligns with your business goals. Understanding your potential customer base is vital.
  7. Competition (3/5):
    • Analyze the level of competition in your chosen location. Consider how the franchise stands out and attracts customers in a competitive market.
  8. Licensing and Permits (5/5):
    • Ensure the franchise assists you in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for operating an Axe Throwing business in your area.
  9. Revenue Potential (4/5):
    • Evaluate the franchise’s potential for generating revenue. Consider factors like pricing strategies, customer demand, and peak seasons.
  10. Flexibility (3/5):
    • Assess the flexibility offered by the franchise in terms of business model customization and adapting to changing market conditions.
  11. Sustainability Practices (3/5):
    • Consider the franchise’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which can appeal to socially conscious customers.

6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

Axe Throwing Franchises

Axe Monkeys

This entertainment franchise specializes in axe throwing, spear throwing and knife throwing experiences, with strong safety measures and support in place. They focus a lot on customer service and demand the same level of care from their franchisees. The original site features a large indoor axe-throwing arena, plus they also have a mobile unit for off-site parties and special events.

To apply for a franchise, fill out the form on the Axe Monkeys website, including how much liquid capital you currently have, and their team will be in touch.

HaliMac Axe Throwing

The HaliMac Axe Throwing franchise opportunity includes their established and popular business model which is affordable and easy to manage, plus there are multiple other potential revenue streams such as competitive leagues, special events, walk-ins, branded apparel sales, alcohol sales and more.

The total initial investment necessary to begin operations in a single location ranges between $126,010 to $176,330 (USD).

6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

Stumpy’s Hatchet House

This axe throwing business franchise opportunity allows you to become part of the brand that was the very first indoor hatchet throwing venue in the USA. As well as providing excellent mentoring and training on top of their unique business concept and recognizable branding, Stumpy’s also offer additional marketing and sales reports along with the opportunity to operate in a protected territory.

Franchising application information is available upon request from the Stumpy’s Hatchet House franchising website.

Civil Axe Throwing

Taking place in what the brand owners describe as ‘friendly entertainment centers’, this axe throwing franchise opportunity comes with a management team that is committed to ensuring their franchise partners are successful. They expect all of their franchisees to operate with the same values they founded the company on, namely integrity, transparency, and honesty.

Civil Axe Throwing have another genuinely unique quality in that they always seek to partner with local charitable organizations through their Axe of Kindness outreach program.

Blue Ox Axe Throwing

The Blue Ox franchise offers a fixed retail location model. It aims to provide a unique hatchet throwing experience via multiple services and events. The franchise remains versatile with locations ranging in size from 3,500 to 7,500 square feet. Locate them pretty much anywhere from shopping centers to warehouses. It depends on what kind of market the franchise hopes to tap into.

The Blue Ox Axe Throwing team provide one to two weeks of initial training at their headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut, and an additional week of training at the new franchise location. They also provide extensive ongoing support including virtual support as well as in-person site visits.

6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing

This axe throwing franchise opportunity obviously plays up to fans of the Vikings to set the brand apart and limit direct competition. We’re talking about the historical group, not the football team! Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing offers the chance to team up. Experienced entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes that new business owners often make. Franchisees benefit from the work they have already put in. They produce a low investment and high profit business.

Apply for this Viking-themed axe throwing franchise. Simply complete the form on the Valhalla Indoor Axe Throwing website. Then wait for one of their reps to contact you within one business day.

6 Axe Throwing Franchise Ideas to Toss Around

Training and Safety Protocols: Ensuring a Thrilling Yet Secure Experience

When venturing into the world of axe throwing, safety is paramount. Both your customers and staff must feel secure while enjoying this exhilarating activity. Here, we delve into the essential training and safety protocols that a reputable Axe Throwing franchise should offer, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved:

  • In-Depth Training: Franchisees and their staff should receive comprehensive training on safety measures, equipment usage, and customer interaction.
  • Safety Equipment: The franchise should provide and maintain high-quality safety equipment, including safety goggles, helmets, and first-aid kits.
  • Customer Education: Ensure that customers are educated about safety rules and guidelines before participating in axe throwing.
  • Experienced Staff: The presence of experienced and certified staff members adds an extra layer of security to the axe throwing experience.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodic equipment and venue inspections should be conducted to identify and address potential safety concerns.
  • Emergency Procedures: A clear set of emergency procedures and protocols should be in place, with staff trained to handle any unforeseen situations.
  • Safety Signage: Adequate safety signage should be displayed throughout the venue, reminding customers of the rules and precautions.
  • Age Restrictions: Implement age restrictions to ensure that axe throwing is only accessible to participants who meet safety requirements.
  • Monitoring and Supervision: Staff should actively monitor participants and enforce safety rules throughout the session.
  • Continuous Improvement: The franchise should demonstrate a commitment to ongoing safety enhancements and improvements based on customer feedback and industry best practices.
In-Depth TrainingComprehensive training on safety measures, equipment usage, and customer interaction.
Safety EquipmentProviding and maintaining high-quality safety equipment, including goggles, helmets, and first-aid kits.
Customer EducationEnsuring customers are educated about safety rules and guidelines before participating.
Experienced StaffHaving experienced and certified staff members for added security.
Regular InspectionsConducting periodic equipment and venue inspections to identify and address potential safety concerns.
Emergency ProceduresEstablishing clear emergency procedures and protocols with trained staff for unforeseen situations.
Safety SignageDisplaying adequate safety signage throughout the venue to remind customers of rules and precautions.
Age RestrictionsImplementing age restrictions to ensure participants meet safety requirements.
Monitoring and SupervisionActively monitoring participants and enforcing safety rules throughout the session.
Continuous ImprovementDemonstrating a commitment to ongoing safety enhancements based on feedback and industry best practices.


The resurgence of axe throwing as a recreational activity in America has transformed this once-niche skill into a thriving industry ripe with franchise opportunities. As entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike seek to be a part of this exciting trend, it’s crucial to navigate the axe throwing franchise landscape with careful consideration and a well-defined strategy.

Axe throwing’s transition from a historical hunting and combat skill to a contemporary form of entertainment is nothing short of remarkable. While it may have been reserved for survival in the Viking era, today, it represents a simple, safe, and enjoyable pastime enjoyed by diverse groups of people, from friends and families to coworkers seeking a unique bonding experience.

The growing interest in axe throwing, driven by curiosity and the desire for novel recreational activities, has given rise to numerous franchise opportunities. These franchises provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to combine their passion for thrilling experiences with their business acumen. Although axe throwing may initially raise concerns about safety, it’s important to recognize that the industry places a high premium on the well-being of its participants, implementing stringent safety measures and protocols.

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