Backyard Homestead Turning into Family Business


A family in Alabama is proving that there is no age limit when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Upton Family Farms is a backyard homestead in Limestone County that includes dozens of chickens, along with gardens growing fresh fruits and vegetables. What started as a family project now includes a farm stand selling a variety of items, including eggs, goat’s milk, fresh produce, and freeze dried candy.

And it wasn’t the parents who decided to add this feature to earn some extra income – it was the kids. Twins Julie and Becka and their brother James originally got the idea to start selling eggs out of a cooler on their front porch.

Their mom, Anne, told WHNT News 19, “That grew and grew. And as we’ve gotten more chickens, we’ve been able to grow the eggs that they sell.”

Now, they have a real farm stand on the side of the road, a growing selection of products, and repeat customers who come back every week. The stand is open every day but Sunday, and they actually sell out of eggs every time they open.

Anne added, “They have turned into real entrepreneurs.”

In addition to learning about responsibility and raising animals, the kids’ business venture is also leading to real profits, which the family is putting away to help them pay for college.

Whether or not the Upton kids grow up to own businesses, running a farm stand like this teaches many valuable lessons they’ll likely use throughout their lives. From money handling to dealing with customers and communicating effectively, running a business can help people of all ages hone important skills and stretch their comfort zones.

It’s certainly possible for parents to encourage entrepreneurial projects for their kids, but the Upton family is likely succeeding in this endeavor because it was the kids’ own idea. This internal drive can make them even more motivated to keep working toward their goals and make their farm stand a success.

Image: Envato

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